Sprayout Box


  • Wall mounted
  • Recessed in wall
  • Wall and leg mounted
  • Post purge timer
  • 3 phase axial exhaust fan
  • Exhaust monitoring system
  • Air line block valve and piping
  • Interlocked air regulator
  • Removable filter frame
  • Floor grids pre purge timer
  • Quality air regulator and filter
  • Solvent ‘flash off’ before shut down

Stand alone paint spraybooth

The Lowbake Sprayout Box is a stand alone paint spraybooth suitable for painting small parts.  The sprayout box is either wall mounted or free standing with steel legs and supports.  These systems come complete with easily removable filter frame and pads in the rear of the booth.  For ease of cleaning a removable stainless steel drip tray is provided a the bottom of the box.  The sprayout box has a 3 phase Axial exhaust fan.  The booth is built of AS/NZS 4114.

Sprayout Box Technical Data

Power SupplyFrequencyPower SupplyMotorFan SizeAir SpeedFilter Surface
3 phase 0.55kw50 Hz415 V1.43A500 l/s0.5 m/s1 m sq

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Sprayout Box

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