Aluminium Repair Room


  • Lighting and power points
  • Tool cabinets
  • Filter regulator
  • 2 Sliding doors
  • Viewing windows
  • Paint pocket filters
  • Spray air is available
  • 2 Speed air flow system
  • Integrated power lock out
  • Fully insulated and painted cabin
  • Repairing of aluminium vehicles
  • Minimises risk of metal contamination

Tool Box

Completely Australian made

The Lowbake Aluminium Repair Room is designed to enable efficient repairs of aluminium vehicles without risk of metal contamination. The large cabin has 2 wide sliding doors that allow a vehicle to be wheeled in on trolleys or straightening benches. The machinery has a 2-speed air flow design with slow speed selection for general working and gluing operations. In this mode, electricity is made available through single three phase power points.

Efficient Repairing of Aluminium Vehicles

Once work is complete, high airflow speed is selected allowing the operator to spot spray primer prior to bringing the vehicle out into the general workshop. Spray-gun air is only available in high airflow mode. Lowbake also provides flush fitting lockable tool cabinets to keep the ‘aluminium use only’ tools secure.  All personnel entry doors to the aluminium repair booth are self-closing and come complete with viewing windows.

Outside of Aluminium Repair Room

Aluminium Repair Room Technical Data

Power Supply FrequencyCurrentAir VolumeNoise Packing
415 V50 Hz35 amps 27000 m/h70 dba 1 x 20 iso container

Aluminium Repair Room – Brochure