Boom Arm + Dust Extraction


  • Mobile service arm
  • Steel structure
  • Movable work station
  • Extremely versatile unit
  • Houses wiring and hoses
  • Duct extractor
  • Filtration catridge
  • Low maintenance
  • Outstanding reliability
  • Extraction unit
  • Automatic pneumatic system
  • Uses a nylon bag to capture dust
  • Automated air pulse filter cleaning system

Service Station

Ideal Solution for Dry Sanding

The Lowbake Boom and Turbine Sanding system is the ideal solution for dry sanding in your workshop. The system consists of a 6 meter articulated boom arm connected to a powerful Turbine dust filter system. The mobile service arm, which houses the wiring and hoses for the different work units, allows the control unit to be moved to different work zones. Installation carried out at an above-ground height of 3 meters, is considerably simplified thanks to an attachment hinge that allows this to be adopted across a vast range of factory layouts.

Automated Pneumatic System

The highly reliable extraction unit with the side channel blower system, specially designed to extract the dust generated by dry sanding of filters and plasters; a friction-free and wear-free operating process minimises maintenance and ensures outstanding reliability. The turbine dust filter system captures the dust in a filtration cartridge, which is cleaned by automated pneumatic system.

Boom Arm + Dust Extraction Technical Data

MotorMotor Current Power SupplyMax Suction Power Max Vacuum Filter Surface Area Noise Level Turbine Weight Boom Weight
1.1 Kw2.6 a400 v180 m3/h180 mbar2.5 m sq70 dba75 kg96 kg

Boom Arm + Dust Extraction – Brochure