Ducted Turbine Sanding System


  • Powerful extraction
  • Auto stop/start
  • Easy clean filter
  • Reverse pulse filter clean
  • Super quiet operating
  • Micro dust particles
  • Exhausted throughout
  • Ergonomic power and air connection
  • Wall plate with hose
  • Hangers and services

About Ducted Turbine Sanding System

The Lowbake solution for the ultimate in high efficient dry sanding operations is to install a dedicated Turbine Ducted Sanding Station.  These units can be installed in a shop, dedicated work bays or preparation areas.  They provide easy access to sanders and services without time wasted in searching for equipment or power.

Easy Maintenance

Each system is engineered to accommodate a variety of tools and processes.  These stations give the user more freedom, enabling the equipment operator to maneuver around difficult areas.  The system has a single turbine with reverse pulse air filter cleaning for ease of maintenance.

Ducted Turbine Sanding System – Brochure