Hazchem Store Room


  • Enclosed building
  • Can be built to any size
  • Fire rating self closing doors
  • Has internal fluorescent lighting
  • Fresh air supply via fire rated damper
  • Storing of flammable/combustible paints & solvents
  • Internal storage facility as per AS 1940
  • Protects external sources of ignition & high temperatures
  • Hazardous area dossier supplied as per AS/NZS 60079 Series

About Hazchem Store Room

The Lowbake HAZCHEM store is an enclosed building with 240 ⁄240 FRL rating. The purpose of the room is to protect flammable and combustible paints and solvents from external sources of ignition and elevated temperatures.

The ceiling has internal fluorescent lighting rated for Ex Zone 1. Access to the room is through fire rated self closing doors. There is one air intake in the ceiling of the Hazchem store. Fresh air supply is via a fire rated damper installed in an existing building wall.

Built to Standards

The air is exhausted via a fire rated damper to the exterior of the building.  These stores are classified and built as an “Internal Storage facility” as per AS 1940.  These rooms can be built to any size to suit your requirements.  Included with the installation is the Hazardous Area Dossier on the Hazardous area wiring as required by AS/NZS 60079 series