Spray booths

The Lowbake Spray Booth Range

Lowbake offers a range of high-performance spray booths, including the top-tier Alpha Elite with RADS and back-to-base monitoring, the versatile Alpha, and the Craftsman with advanced features. For over 30 years, Lowbake has ensured compliance, performance, and safety in all their spray booth products.

Lowbake's highest performance spray booth, optimised cycle times, complete with RADS and coupled with back-to-base monitoring technology.

Technology and high performance, complete with RADS and coupled with back-to-base monitoring.

Direct drive centrifugal fans, with gas direct fired heating, recirculation on bake, LED Lighting panels as standard.

Axial exhaust fan, direct fired gas heating, lower specification with no compromise on quality.

Axial exhaust fan, galvanised machinery, suitable for light to medium jobs.

Can be easily deployed and setup in different locations.

Combing the Lowbake GAS IR with a conventional spray/bake booth, giving the ultimate in production flexibility.

Efficient truck & bus refinishing, flexible coupling between booth cabin and machinery, double glazed windows.

For 30+ years, Lowbake has been providing spray booths for any requirement and budget, from advanced technology to complete remote support and diagnostics solutions. All Lowbake spray booths are in full compliance with the latest AS/NZs 4114 ensuring that performance and compliance is always guaranteed. With compliance, performance and safety an integral part of Lowbake’s DNA, our customers can rest easy they have come to the right place for their spray booth needs.

A trusted name for Spraybooth servicing and quality filter products

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