Truck and Bus


  • Full down draught
  • Floor filter area
  • Easy to change filter screens
  • Air points throughout
  • Available in custom sizes
  • Cabin pressure control
  • 100W LED Panel lights (High efficiency and output)
  • Chrome locks and handles
  • Lights are wired in multiple circuits (load spread)
  • Rigid all aluminium filter screens
  • Central control board/operator panel (remote board capable)
  • Rear vented lights all plug in not pressurized
  • Flexible coupling between booth cabin and machinery
  • Recirculation on bake cycle (energy saving)
  • Lowbake aluminium lightweight doors 
  • Tailored to the customer requirements

Quality truck & bus refinishing

The Lowbake Full Down Draught Truck and Bus Spraybooth is the first choice for high quality and efficient truck and bus refinishing. Alternative designs with roof mounted equipment are also available.

Engineered for quality painting

Each Lowbake Truck and Bus Spraybooth is engineered for quality painting with maximum safety.  The booth has rear vented lights all plugged in, not pressurized.

Effective Design

The Spraybooth has multiple fans and heaters mounted along either side of the cabin for an even airflow. The Spraybooth machinery is separate from the cabin, with flexible coupling between them.

Heavy duty flooring

All equipment, platforms and ladders are designed as per AS1657 of the Australian Standard. The Truck and Bus Spraybooth has heavy duty flooring with easy access to all filters and lights.

Power Supply415 volts
Technical details supplied on design

A trusted name for Spraybooth servicing and quality filter products

Total Spraybooth Care draws on over 25 years of serving the Australian paint shop industry, offering a complete range of roof and floor filter products at competitive rates and within short delivery times to help keep your business productive. Click here to know more.

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