• Large direct drive fan
  • Stainless steel burner
  • 2 x 7.5 kw direct drive motors
  • 10 x 100W LED Lighting panels
  • Recirculating air on bake cycle
  • EU5 Ultimate ceiling filters
  • Pocket floor polyester exhaust filters
  • Direct fired gas heating system
  • Fully insulated and painted cabin
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Controller for maximum efficiency and total airflow
  • V.S.D on inlet + exhaust motor (energy savings)
  • Double glazed windows on each door
  • Backwards inclined centrifugal air fans

Customisable to your needs

The spraybooth can be installed as either an above ground unit or a in-ground unit.  The in-ground option consists of a cabin and concrete pit, this provides level entry without the need for ramps that possibly encroach on valuable workshop space.

The Craftsman spray booth can be integrated with intelligent Lowbake RADS technology, further reducing curing of waterborne paints up to 30%.


Attention to detail

The Craftsman spray booth uses a direct fired air heater for efficient heating of the spray booth. Being situated in the air stream of supply air to the cabin, air is effectively heated and directly transferred with no requirement to pass through a medium such as stainless steel like indirect fired heat exchangers. 

Coupled with Lowbake’s recirculation technology, energy consumption is reduced to the minimum.

Lighting the way


All of our spray booths come with high-output LED lighting panels as standard unique to Lowbake. Coming away from traditional low output tubes, Lowbake’s LED lighting panels ensure there is optimum lighting throughout the cabin.

Total control

The Lowbake Craftsman Spraybooth has an iconic and unique user friendly control panel where the operator has total control of all functions of the spray booth. Guided by a quick observation indicator panel, the status of the machine is always in plain sight, so you know exactly when and what to expect while using the Lowbake Craftsman.

Technical Specifications

Power Supply415 VAC + Neutral
Frequency50 hz
Current35 amps
Air Volume22,000 m3/h
Gas Volume700 mj/h
Gas Pressure2-7 kpa (Natural Gas) 70 kpa (LPG)
Noise75 dba
Floor Load2000 kg
Packing1×120 iso Container
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