RADS Technology

Rapid Air Drying System (RADS)

Intelligent curing of waterborne coatings

  • Lowbake’s Rapid Air Drying System (RADS) can be retro-fitted into an existing oven or as part of an OEM Solution, fully integrated with the control system ensuring there are no issues with warranty or compliance standards.
  • No requirement to use high volumes of compressed air.
  • Radio controlled with full zone management. You decide which RADS you need on to eliminate wasted energy with targeted drying.
  • Controlled air is drawn from inside the oven after being filtered (not from the inlet plenum), and discharged through the 8 adjustable nozzles, per corner, under high pressure to create the jets of air required to aid curing of the water borne coating.
  • Australian made, supported nationally and in full compliance with Australian Regulations.

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RADS Technology

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