On Floor Down Draught


  • Axial exhaust fan
  • Variable cabin pressure
  • User friendly control panel
  • LED lighting as standard
  • Stainless steel burner
  • Galvanised machinery
  • EU5 Ultimate ceiling filters
  • 4.0kw direct drive (no fan belts)
  • 7.5kw direct drive (no fan belts)
  • Direct fired gas heating system
  • Aluminium filter frame with EU5 inlet filter
  • Single glazed windows
  • Backwards curved inlet centrifugal fans

For light to medium jobs

The Lowbake on-floor down draught spray booth is an effective booth designed for paint shops with light to medium work loads. It is designed to sit on the existing concrete factory floor.

Low running costs

Utilising a direct fired air heater, the Lowbake on-floor down draught spray booth ensures efficient transfer of heat into the cabin for correct ambient temperature control and optimal paint curing.

Efficient design

Removing the limitiations of floor grids, the Lowbake on-floor down draught is the perfect companion to heavy vehicles.

Even distributed airflow

Tried and tested in the industry, the design of a Lowbake spray booth ensures airflow is optimal no matter where you are spraying inside the cabin.

Power Supply 415 Volts
Frequency 50 Hz
Current 35 Amps
Air Volume 27,000 m3/h
Gas Volume 700 mJ/h
Gas Pressure 2-7 kPa
Noise 75 dba
Packing 1×120 iso Container

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