LED Lighting

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  • Up to a 40% increase in overall brightness inside the cabin
  • High output LED Panel
  • Even light distribution
  • Ideal colour temperature for colour matching
  • Good economy and efficiency
  • High efficiency mean well driver
  • Custom made adapter plate
  • Longer average lifetime to convential LED Tubes
  • Can be retrofitted to all existing Lowbake equipment
  • Proven design, thousands of lights currently in the market

Unique in its own way

For over 10 years we have been developing the perfect lighting for our spray booths, ensuring intensity, correct colour, lifetime and maintenance is at the focus of design. 

Lowbake is the only Australian spray booth manufacturer to incorporate high output LED Lighting panels as standard in all of our Spray booths, Paint mixing rooms & Preparation bays. Good lighting is essential in a spray booth to ensure you can see the paint job at hand. 

Remove the hassle to continuously change those pesky tubes! Our LED lighting panels are 100% maintenance free.

Retrofitting made easy

The Lowbake LED Panel lights can be retrofitted to existing equipment. Through the use of an in-house manufactured adapter plate, we make ‘light’ work of removing old technology fluorescent or LED tubes and retro fitting high output LED panels.

Don’t settle for ordinary.

Looking for workshop lighting?

Good lighting should exist in and outside of the spray booth.

See how Lowbake can tailor a solution for you.

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LED Lighting

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LED Lighting

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