Paint Sample Dryer

The Lowbake Paint-Sample Dryer uses a 300 watt, short-wave infrared lamp and adjustable compressed air for rapid curing of paint sample cards. 

With multiple operational modes, all settings are user defined. From the time of curing, temperature level and air level. Ideal for curing waterbourne paints, the paint-sample dryer is also solvent friendly.

Either wall mounted or benchtop mounted the paint-sample dryer is the perfect addition to any paint shop.

The unit uses a standard Australian 10A 3 pin plug and compressed air input 1/4″ BSP. 100 Paint-sample cards included.

IR Lamp Technical Data
Power Supply 240 VAC
Frequency 50 Hz
Globe 300 W
Time settable 0 – 30 mins
Tempearture setting 0 – 100% Intensity
Compressed air input 1/4″ BSP male