Vacuum systems

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  • Powerful extraction
  • External from building exhaust
  • Auto stop/start
  • Easy clean filter
  • Automated internal reverse pulse filter clean
  • Super quiet operating
  • Micro dust particles
  • Exhausted throughout
  • Ergonomic power and air connection
  • Wall plate with hose
  • Hangers and services


The Lowbake solution for the ultimate in high efficient dry sanding operations is to install a dedicated Turbine Ducted Sanding Station.  These units can be installed in a shop, dedicated work bays or preparation areas.  They provide easy access to sanders and services without time wasted in searching for equipment or power. 

Ducted turbine sanders ensure loose dust in the workshop can be reduced to the minimum to protect the health and wellbeing of employees.

Boom arm sanding

The Lowbake Boom and Turbine Sanding system is the ideal solution for dry sanding in your workshop. The system consists of a 6 meter articulated boom arm connected to a powerful Turbine dust filter system. The mobile service arm, which houses the wiring and hoses for the different work units, allows the control unit to be moved to different work zones. Installation carried out at an above-ground height of 3 meters, is considerably simplified thanks to an attachment hinge that allows this to be adopted across a vast range of factory layouts.

ECO 55 and ECO 55i



Side-channel blower units. Systems designed to take in dust resulting from sanding primer and fillers during surface treatment. They feature a cartridge filter cleaned by a timed pneumatic rotary nozzle. Dust is taken in and conveyed to a nylon bag which is very easy to remove ensuring ease of duct collection. The machine features a device for real-time check for the cartridge efficiency.

Exhausted air from the turbine is exhausted outside of the building, ensuring any potential of paint dust inside the paint shop is reduced to the bare minimum, creating a safe working environment for employees.

The ECO 55i model is equipped with a variable speed drive, modulating the suction turbine to ensure constant and consistant suction. The variable speed drive also controls the turbine to ensure power is only being used when it is required for energy savings.


This model is designed to take in dust resulting from sanding of primer and fillers. It comes with a 6m arm, together with SR1 service control unit and accessories kit for installation.

Vacuum turbines feature dry operation so any maintenance is limited. Compact design motor unit: directly coupled, enclosed and with external surface ventilation. Automatic filter cleaning system with programmable time settings. Dust collector with nylon bag is easy to remove. The machine framework is steel coated with epoxy enamel paint.

The unit can be automatically started through sensors on either the pneumatic or electric supply.

Technical Specifications

Power (kW)
Current13.3 A13.3 A3.8 A
Power supply415 VAC415 VAC415 VAC
Frequency50 Hz50 Hz50 Hz
Max airflow mc/h520520210
Max vacuum mbar300300170
Filtering surface sq m772.5
Noise dB(A)757566
Weight kg250210175

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Vacuum systems

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