Gas catalytic infrared arch


  • Electric Vehicle (EV) friendly
  • 100% Manufactured, serviced and supported in Australia
  • Reduces the mass heat up of the vehicle
  • Up to 90% reduction in energy costs
  • Up to 75% production increase
  • Full Flexibility of robot arms adjustable whilst in operation
  • Ability to switch between curing programs whilst in operation
  • Single touch operator control panel for all operations
  • Low energy product friendly
  • Fast warm up times
  • Excellent quality in finishes
  • 30% reduction in application time
  • Back-to-base monitoring
  • Remote diagnostics capability
  • Supported by all major paint companies

Single touch operator

The Lowbake GAS IR arch is Australia’s answer to waterborne and solvent curing. Suitable for vehicle front, sides & bumper bars, GAS IR will increase work flow and productivity. GAS IR is supported by all major paint company’s. The specially designed catalytic panels create a safe, no flame exothermic broadband heat wave. The heat generated works on the paint molecules, giving an even and faster cure compared to standard baking or electric infrared curing.


GAS IR’s user friendly controls

The GAS IR Arch is LPG & natural gas compatible and can be installed in all Prep bays and spraybooths with AS/NZS 4114 certification. With GAS IR’s user friendly controls, reduced material consumption and fast warm up times you will save up to 90% reduction of energy costs and a further 70% increase in overall production. Look no further than Lowbake’s GAS IR Arch.

UV cold-cure compatible

As the world progresses to more and more electric vehicles, traditional oven curing methods create the potential of damage to sensitive electronics and batteries.

The Lowbake GAS IR ensures that only the repair is targeted minimising tempearture rise for the rest of the vehicle/part. Supplementary to GAS IR is the UV cold-cure option. Using high powered UV-A LEDs the GAS IR is able to cure UV paints in seconds with no temperature rise at all.

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Gas catalytic infrared arch

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Gas catalytic infrared arch

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