Internal Pneumatic Ramps


  • Space saving
  • Safe and efficient
  • Unique structural frame
  • Varying lift capability
  • Unique “stay up” design with no compressed air
  • Automatic operation –
    • Floor raise when door close
    • Floor lowers when door open

Saves workshop space

The Lowbake spraybooth and baking oven now has the added option of Internal Pneumatic Ramps. This new feature will save you space in your workshop as well as save you money with out the need of concrete formwork.

Automatic Operation

Lowbake Internal Ramps include automatic operation.  Once the spraybooth is opened the Internal Ramp is automatic lowered.

Lifting capability of vehicles

The Internal Pneumatic Ramps is capable of lifting a variety of vehicles (anything up 5 tonnes) and is built to the highest quality.

Demonstation Video