Budget paint mixing room


  • Large range of sizes and shapes
  • Powerful exhaust fan to remove all hazardous material
  • Complete compliant installation
  • Galvanised ventilated bench
  • Permanent installation
  • Easy to use operator control panel
  • 100W LED Panel lights
  • Simple design
  • Reduced installation time

Safe and compliant

Paint mixing rooms are essential to any paint shop to provide a safe, compliant and controlled area to store, mix and decant dangerous and commonly flammable paints. Lowbake paint mixing rooms are customisable to many configurations, tailored to the customers specifications.

Interested in something more?

Our premium paint mixing rooms house a wide variety of extras to tailor the user friendliness around our customers. Showcasing a stainless steel ventilated work bench front and center, the Lowbake premium paint mixing room is sure to impress.

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Budget paint mixing room

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