Aluminium Repair Room


  • Interlocked lighting and power points
  • High volume, low noise ventilation
  • Tool cabinets
  • Filter regulator
  • Viewing windows
  • Paint pocket filters
  • Compliant control system
  • 2 Speed air flow system
  • Integrated power lock out
  • Controlled environment
  • Hazard containment
  • Reduces risk of metal contamination

Safety at the forefront

Fine aluminium dust is considered explosive, care should always be taken while working with the material to reduce the hazards associated with aluminium repairs. The Lowbake alumium repair room ensures that safety is at the forefront of all aluminium work and that a safe working environment is always maintained.

Having a dedicated room to aluminium repairs removes the possibility of cross contamination from ferrous metals and contains any mess from making its way out to the rest of the working environment.

Efficient Repairing of Aluminium Vehicles

The Lowbake Aluminium Repair Room is designed to enable efficient repairs of aluminium vehicles without risk of metal contamination. The equipment has a 2-speed air flow design with slow speed selection for general working and gluing operations and a high air flow mode for paint spotting operations.

Lowbake also provides flush fitting lockable tool cabinets to keep the ‘aluminium use only’ tools secure, contained and readily available for the next alumium repair.

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