Spray booth Filters

It is very important that you only fit the recommended filters to your Lowbake booth. Fitting filters other than those specified may cause the booth to become unsafe and may affect performance and cleanliness. The specified filters below have been selected for the their superior dust holding ability and long life. 

Inlet roof filters

The ULTIMATE ceiling filter is mainly used in advanced industries such as car painting, Hi-Tech electronics, aerospace or defence industries.

The cabin side of the filter media is reinforced by a bonded PE mesh. High flame resistance, high dust holding capacity, low initial resistance, safe and reliable. Made with high-performance, break-resistance synthetic fibre with progressive-density. The fibre media has been impregnated with adhesive to prevent dust particles passing. The filtered air evenly spreads to form a laminar flow throughout to achieve the best spray paint results.

Exhaust floor filters

Paint pockets green is your best value for production spray booths. Paint-pockets are specially engineered to filter both liquid and powder coating over-spray generated in industrial and automotive applications. This filter is specifically designed and priced to replace expanded paper, fiberglass and other lower efficient, lower cost filters. By switching your filtration media to paint pockets green you reap the rewards of the paint pockets green triple bonus.

We only recommends Original Paint pockets green for your Lowbake spray booth.

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