• Axial exhaust fan
  • Stainless steel burner
  • Floor grids and basement
  • PA560-G10 ceiling filters
  • Full automatic switchboard
  • 40 tube lighting (rear access)
  • 4.0kw direct drive exhaust fan
  • 7.5kw direct drive inlet fan
  • Single glazed windows on doors
  • Direct fired gas heating system
  • Fully insulated and painted cabin
  • Aluminium filter frames with viledon filter
  • Backward curve inlet centrifugal fans

Ideal for demonstration

The Lowbake Training Combination Spraybooth and baking oven is your best option for demonstrations of spray painting. It has a stainless steel burner, floor grids and basement with 40 tube lighting with rear access.

Customise to your needs

The Spraybooth can be installed as either an above-ground unit or a set down unit. The set down version consists of a cabin and concrete pit, this provides level entry without the need for ramps. The heating and ventilation equipment can be mounted on either side of the cabin or at the rear if required.

Fast curing of solvents

Training Spraybooth system also provides 80% energy re-circulation on bake mode with high cabin air speed which is essential for fast curing of solvent and water borne paint finishes.

Efficient technology

The Lowbake Training Booth has two large 7.5 kw fans each driven by an electronic variable speed controller for maximum efficiency and total air flow control. The Lowbake Training Booth has the efficient gas direct fired heating system.

Power Supply415 volts
Frequency50 hz
Current35 amps
Air Volume27,000 m/h
Gas Volume700 mj/h
Gas Pressure2-7 kpa
Noise75 dba
Floor Load3000 kg
Packing1×120 iso Container

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