Air Wash Mask

Product Features

  • Breathing air tube
  • Excellent visibility
  • Cool & comfortable
  • Disposable carbon filter
  • Pre-set tamper proof regulator
  • Full lightweight mask
  • Belt-mounted filter and regulator
  • Adjustable belt with quick fit buckle
  • Protects against isocyanate exposure
  • Part of a complete breathable air system
  • Quick connect between visor & waist belt
  • Easily accommodates prescription eye wear

About Air wash mask

Strategic Placement of exhalation valve & cartridge ports enhance field of vision & communication, dispel, heat & moisture build-up, and make breathing easier. The high quality cradle suspension with four-point floating yoke eliminates pressure points for a secure fit and easy donning.

Product Functioning

Air compressed outside the hazard (1) is channeled to a coalescing filter (2) to be cleaned from the filter (2) the air passes to the respirator waist belt (3) where it is regulated to a constant flow. Air then reaches the visor (4)to provide the operator with breathable quality air. It also supplies air to the air tool (5).

Air Wash Mask – Brochure