Lowbake Spraybooths


Low running costs, high performance, complete with RADS.

On Floor Down Draught

Axial exhaust fan, galvanised machinery, suitable for light to medium jobs

Truck and Bus

Efficient truck & bus refinishing, flexible coupling between booth cabin and machinery, double glazed windows


With gas direct fired heating, recirculation on bake, 6 tube T5 lighting


Can be easily deployed and setup in different locations

Semi Down Draught

Roof mounted machinery, 72 tube hinged rear access lighting, all doors interlocked to cabin air regulator


Axial exhaust fan, direct fired gas heating, lower specification with no compromise on quality


Ideal for demonstration of spray painting, waterborne suitable

Gas IR Combination

Combo Prep Bay, spray and bake booth suitable for IR GAS installation

Spraybooth Accessories

A trusted name for Spraybooth servicing and quality filter products

Total Spraybooth Care draws on over 25 years of serving the Australian paint shop industry, offering a complete range of roof and floor filter products at competitive rates and within short delivery times to help keep your business productive. Click here to know more.